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News Coverage Of Occupy Wall Street

Data from the Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism shows that in the first full week of October the protests took up more news coverage than the.

Reading The Pictures is dedicated to the analysis of news photos and media. Occupy Wall Street: Plenty of Media Coverage. during a march by Occupy Wall Street.

Occupy Wall Street accounted for 10 percent of the news hole, up from 7 percent the week before. there was a stunning lack of coverage of the jobs crisis. A ThinkProgress review of the media coverage of the last week of July.

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May 3, 2012. The trend is true for four leading papers (New York Times, Washington Post, USA Today, L.A. Times), news programs on the major networks (ABC, CBS, Then in October, when OWS coverage peaked, “income inequality” mentions increased nearly fourfold to 44, and reached 52 mentions in November.

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Oct 13, 2011. Social media coverage of Occupy Wall Street. Obviously, Twitter and the blogs increased coverage over time just as the mainstream media did, but note that they maintained a more consistent base of attention throughout — cable news and traditional journalists largely ignored the protests until something.

And we produce our daily news hour at a fraction of the budget of a commercial news operation, all without ads, government funding or corporate underwriting. Occupy Wall Street. Inspired by the massive public protests in Cairo's Tahrir Square and Madrid's Puerta del Sol Square, hundreds occupied Zuccotti Park near.

(PHOTOS: Police Clear Occupy Wall Street. news sources, posting dispatches on a dedicated site, wearetheother99.com. Eyewitness reports, photos and videos are logged everyday, and as the movement heats up, so.

A shaved head; combat boots; a button-down flannel layered on a sweater, layered on a thin and holey cotton T-shirt; shredded jeans; some eclectic accessory; capped with a cigarette and a fierce pose — the news coverage of the.

Progressive publishing house OR Books will release a 200-page first draft of a history entitled Occupying Wall Street: The Inside Story of an. been the subject of an MTV special and plenty of news coverage, but Robinson hopes his.

Sep 17, 2011. Occupy Wall Street organizers want people to swarm into lower Manhattan on September 17 and set up camp for two months, then "incessantly repeat one simple demand."

Nate Silver’s analysis of news coverage of the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations shows how clashes with police have increased media attention to.

NEW YORK — Several hundred Occupy Wall Street protesters have been marching around Lower Manhattan. Some paused and locked arms outside the City Hall gates but left peacefully when police in riot gear appeared. The march.

Nov 24, 2014. They camped in Zuccotti Park, near Wall Street, protesting against corporate greed. Celebrities visited – Kanye West and Susan Sarandon among them. Press coverage followed and President Obama said he "understood their frustrations". The Twitter handle @OccupyWallSt has 205,000 followers.

Occupy Wall Street was a national protest centered on wealth redistribution and sparked a national dialogue about economic reform. The movement faced internal challenges of crime occurring in the camps including sexual assault; these crimes were covered by news outlets as part of their Occupy Wall Street coverage.

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CCC Statement: News Coverage of Occupy Wall Street Demonstration Released October 11, 2011. It is unfortunate that the coverage of the Occupy Wall Street.

Apr 7, 2012. The flip side is that from the activists' point of view, as one of the writers in “ Occupying Wall Street” puts it, “mainstream coverage of Occupy Wall Street has. to newer arrivals such as Salon.com, Current TV (a political news site) and n+1 (a cultural journal)—have remained, at most, enthusiastic observers.

The chart shows that search traffic related to Occupy Wall Street is now 66 percent higher than traffic for.

This week, The Nation’s coverage of Occupy Wall Street. Plus, a special tribute to Anita Hill, twenty years later.

Media Coverage of Occupy Wall Street: Social Media vs. Mainstream Media As of April 17, the Occupy Wall Street movement has been going on for seven months.